April 8, 2020 Greenway Team


“There’s something about joining the team here at Greenway that’s truly exhilarating.” When asked to put a finger on it, Martin (Marty) Komsa, Greenway’s newest Board Member didn’t hesitate. “It’s the passion. You only have to spend a short time with the experts here at Greenway to realize they all share a passion for growing… it’s inspiring.” He adds “I’m learning something new every day.” Komsa’s humility prevents him from mentioning the knowledge transfer goes both ways. Jaime D’Alimonte, Greenway CEO and Co-Chair, welcomes Komsa’s business acumen, “Marty has a well-documented history of successfully implementing innovative business strategies – something we look forward to leveraging here at Greenway.”

Appointed to the Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation Board of Directors as an independent director in January 2020, Marty Komsa brings a unique and important financial expertise to the table.

“I look forward to rolling up my sleeves to ensure Greenway’s business plans are achieved and executed,” Komsa says. Indeed, Greenway’s dedication to hard work via hands-on leadership is a perfect match with the work ethic that Komsa has cultivated over the years. Komsa has over 43 years of financial services experience and has spent 33 of those years as the President/CEO and Executive Advisor Strategic Planning with the Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU Credit Union). That puts Komsa well over the ten-thousand hours of work to qualify him as a corporate leadership expert. But it’s not simply the experience that places Komsa amongst the elites. It’s his outstanding vision and insight as well.

Working with the Board of Directors and Executive Management Team at WFCU Credit Union, Mr. Komsa’s vision and insight were instrumental in creating a service-oriented organization providing a full range of leading edge financial products and services to over 40,000 customers with over $5 billion in managed assets. In Windsor and Essex County, WFCU Credit Union is known as a leader in business planning, marketing and communication with effective leadership and governance. With Mr. Komsa’s leadership, WFCU Credit Union grew to become the 7th largest credit union in Ontario, financially strong and embracing a philosophy of contributing significantly to the philanthropic needs of the surrounding communities.

Mr. Komsa’s record of achievement is clearly commendable, and the Greenway family is extremely proud to include him on our quest to lead the way in the cannabis industry.