KINGSVILLE, Ontario, July 27th, 2020 – Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation (Greenway) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Cannabis Nursery Licence from Health Canada for its cannabis cultivation nursery located in Kingsville, ON.

The Greenway Advantage


Greenway is lead by a team of Produce and Cannabis Commercial Growers with an abundance of experience in large scale cultivation. With over 50 years of growing and distributing produce in Canada and the USA, our team brings their extensive expertise to the cannabis industry.

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Greenway boasts a large and diverse seed bank.  Obtaining high yields from a diverse set of crops is a skill our team has mastered. Seed diversity is an asset that allows Greenway to provide consumers with a wide variety of cannabis products.

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Greenway’s founders manage a long-established workforce of skilled professionals which provides maximum employee retention while optimizing productivity.

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Scalable Infrastructure

Greenway has potential capacity to operate over 2.2 million square feet of greenhouse facilities enabling us to scale-up as needed to meet marketplace demands. Our capacity includes part of our founders’ 4 million square feet of greenhouses, packing and distribution facilities.

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Carl Mastronardi

President, Co-Chair

Carl Mastronardi is the co-founder and president of DelFrescoPure®, an award-winning commercial grower and marketer of produce in Canada and the US. He has amassed 35 years’ of agricultural experience, while overseeing 4 million square feet of greenhouse facilities. Mr. Mastronardi brings innovation, leadership, passion and an extensive background in greenhouse growing to the Greenway team.

Jamie D’Alimonte

CEO, Co-Chair

Jamie D’Alimonte is the CEO of Sunrite Greenhouses Ltd. He possesses more than 25 years’ experience as a commercial grower in the greenhouse produce industry. Mr. D’Alimonte has innovated new growing and cultivation practices to increase the yield and efficiency of harvests. He lends a data-driven and research intensive approach to Greenway’s day-to-day operations and long-term marketing strategy.

Darren Peddle

CFO, Director

Darren Peddle is the CFO of Greenway and DelFrescoPure®. He has garnered experience with notable firms, such as KMPG LLP and HMID LLP. Throughout his career, Mr. Peddle has served in various agricultural financial disciplines, applying his expertise to the greenhouse sector. As part of the Greenway team, Mr. Peddle is responsible for budgeting, strategic discussions, forecasting, internal control records and more.

Konrad Pimiskern

SVP Corporate Development, Director

Konrad Pimiskern brings over 25 years’ experience in corporate finance and retail investment to the Greenway team. Throughout his career as a licenced advisor, Mr. Pimiskern has worked with notable national brokerage firms Raymond James, Edward Jones and Leede Jones Gable. Mr. Pimiskern leads fundraising initiatives and corporate development projects for Greenway.

Marty Komsa

Independent Director

As President and CEO of Windsor Family Credit Union (WFCU), Marty Komsa’s vision and insight helped the firm become a leading financial institution with over $5 billion in managed assets. The quality of his leadership has been acknowledged through numerous accolades and awards. He now brings his wealth of experience in business planning, financial management and corporate governance to the Greenway Board of Directors.

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