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By current regulations, every Licensed cannabis company can open one farmgate retail store on the same address as one of their Health Canada Licensed facilities. Greenway can open their farmgate retail store on prime property at 1478 Seacliff Drive, Kingsville, Ontario.

This property is located in a heavy traffic area where tourists and local consumers travel to shop for plants, produce, and wine year round. Greenway is well positioned to seize the local market share of cannabis retail. The team intends to heavily invest in this retail store to create a long-lasting customer experience.

The farmgate retail store will be authorized to sell all products of cannabis including cannabis plants, dry bud produced and shipped directly from Greenway facilities. Store sales will provide an opportunity to capitalize on retail margins and efficiencies of nearby production.

According to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website, there are no current applications for retail store licenses in Kingsville, Ontario. Greenway will not have any local competition for their farmgate retail store.