Professional Growers

Greenway is led by a team of Produce and Cannabis Commercial Growers with an abundance of experience in commercial-scale cultivation. With over 50 years growing and distributing produce in Canada and the US, our team brings extensive expertise to the cannabis industry.


Greenway boasts a large and diverse seed bank.  Obtaining high yields from a diverse set of crops is a skill our team has mastered. Seed diversity is an asset that allows Greenway to provide consumers with a wide variety of cannabis products.

Skilled Workforce

Greenway’s founders manage a long-established workforce of skilled professionals which provides maximum employee retention while optimizing productivity.

Scalable Infrastructure

Greenway has potential capacity to operate over 2.2 million square feet of greenhouse facilities enabling us to scale-up as needed to meet marketplace demands. Our capacity includes part of our founders’ 4 million square feet of greenhouses, packing and distribution facilities.