Welcome to the Greenway blog

October 18, 2019 Greenway Team

This is the inaugural blog entry for Greenway.ca.

It’s a brief entry, but it’s the first of what we believe will become a collection of invaluable resources to our investors, potential investors, as well as anyone looking to learn about the cannabis industry. 

You may already know that we’re passionate growers, and that doesn’t just mean we like to plant. We’re excited to have the blog live and active, and feel it that in time, it will be a tremendously valuable resource to our readers.

What you’ll find on the Greenway blog

We’ll write about our personnel and our philosophy as an organization, and keep you up to date with important developments. Whether it’s big news about the Canadian market or developments abroad, or newsworthy updates from the wider cannabis industry, you’ll be able to stay informed by checking in with our latest publications. 

Why read the Greenway blog?

The Greenway blog will function as a setting for readers to better acquaint themselves with Greenway, both the broader company and the individuals who comprise it. Our intent is to offer worthwhile information and opinions for all who arrive here.

For those who have invested in Greenway, this blog will provide updates on all the important happenings. Whether it’s licensing, funding, expansion, acquisitions, new hirings or anything else, you can keep informed about what we’re up to. 

You’ll see the hard numbers in earnings reports and catch the big news in press releases, but the blog is meant to offer consistent, high-level oversight of what’s going on at Greenway.

Potential investors will benefit from that same kind of information. If you’re considering us for investment (we have a private placement opportunity right now, in fact), the blog will help characterize who we are, and what we’re up to. 

And for readers just looking for information about cannabis products and the cannabis industry at large, we’ll have content for you as well. A good blog, at its core, is a place to communicate ideas, opinions and knowledge, and our intent is to make this blog the best forum for important cannabis news there is.

To our future blog posts!

The Greenway team looks forward to providing consistent, high-quality and informative articles and videos that help readers get to know us better.

It’s an exciting time for us, and we look forward to all the future has in store.

The journey begins!