Advisory Board Announcement:
Dr. Michael Deyholos.

November 27, 2019 Greenway Team

Greenway is pleased to introduce Advisory Board member, Dr. Michael Deyholos.

Dr. Deyholos is a plant geneticist, who has authored more than 100 publications, and currently serves as the Head of Biology at The University of British Columbia Okanagan. His advanced knowledge of plant genetics, especially cannabis plant genetics, makes him an invaluable resource to the Greenway organization.

As a member of the Advisory Board, Dr. Deyholos will assist our growers as they seek to propagate new plants that embody all the best qualities a cannabis plant can have. By identifying the DNA strains that lend themselves to certain traits, like resistance to pests and disease, speed of growth and cannabinoid profile, Dr. Deyholos will help our team grow more efficiently, and assist with Greenway’s goal to develop the highest quality and highest yielding cannabis strains.

The knowledge and experience of Dr. Deyholos is representational of our broader team, which places a high priority the growing process and is just one of several Advisory Board members we’ve added to the team, each of whom offers a unique specialization that will contribute to Greenway’s long-term success.

We will continue to introduce readers to our Advisory Board over the coming weeks, defining their roles and exhibiting the value each member brings to the Greenway team.