The Greenway

Professional Growers: We aren’t hobbyists or ex-bankers. We’re growers, with expertise in cultivating and distributing produce on a commercial scale

Seed Genetics: Greenway boasts a large and diverse seed bank, enabling us to produce a wide variety of high-quality cannabis strains

Skilled Workforce: Greenway’s founders manage a long-established workforce of skilled professionals which provides maximum employee retention while optimizing productivity.

Scalable Infrastructure: Greenway has plans to operate 2,276,000 square feet of greenhouse facilities, enabling us to meet commercial demand and deliver diversified, high-quality consumer cannabis products

Professional Growers

  • Greenway is led by a team of Produce and Cannabis Commercial Growers, who possess an extensive background in commercial scale operations
  • Our growers aren’t just bringing commercial growing practices to cannabis cultivation; we have cannabis expertise with a track-record of cultivating a wide variety of cannabis strains
  • We specialize in greenhouse growing, having decades’ experience in founding and operating large-scale facilities

Seed Genetics

  • Greenway’s proprietary cannabis seed bank is large, diverse and very high quality
  • Large-scale agricultural production success comes from using seed genetics to grow cannabis plants that have high cannabinoid content and thrive in a variety of growing conditions
  • Greenway has begun to genetically map its seed bank to assist in developing the very best genetic strains for the market and for production

92 Seed Varieties

Skilled Workforce

  • With decades of experience in commercial scale growing, we’re well connected to an experienced, professional source of labour
  • High-quality, professional greenhouse workers allow us to operate efficiently, keeping our costs down while we increase our production
  • Our team’s experience with managing hundreds of greenhouse and processing employees gives us a significant operational advantage over competitors

Scalable Infrastructure

  • Greenway has plans to operate over 2.2 million square feet of cannabis cultivation facilities
  • Our footprint gives us the ability to provide not just volume but variety as well
  • Greenway’s team is unrivalled when it comes to operating on such a large scale; we’ve done it with grocery store produce and we plan to do it with cannabis