July 27, 2020 Greenway Team



KINGSVILLE, Ontario, July 27th, 2020 – Greenway Greenhouse Cannabis Corporation (Greenway) is pleased to announce that they have been awarded a Cannabis Nursery Licence from Health Canada for its cannabis cultivation nursery located in Kingsville, ON. This significant milestone allows Greenway to immediately begin operation in their recently-completed nursery facility triggering three unique, yet related initiatives; leverage Greenway’s unique technology and talent to bring an innovative, efficient approach to cannabis clone propagation, redefine the cannabis supply chain structure in becoming a clone supplier to other large-scale cannabis growers, and, of course, begin generating a return on investment.

The recently-completed, innovative nursery operation features Greenway’s LivingCube vertical growing chambers within which vulnerable rooted cuttings flourish in a verified pest-free environment where irrigation, nutrition and lighting are completely automated. The high tech technology significantly reduces pathogen risks and crop failure and is a solution the team at Greenway currently leverages in their produce propagation facilities.

“Bringing our five-decade, large-scale growing and propagating expertise and experience to the cannabis sector has been our unique proposition from day one. This innovative approach in our nursery is just one reflection of that commitment,” says Greenway President Carl Mastronardi.

But the opportunity to deliver cutting-edge solutions to an emerging industry is only one reason to celebrate.

The fully-operational Greenway nursery will also address a central challenge facing large-scale licensed cannabis growers today; consistent access to healthy, high-quality cannabis clones. Greenway has developed a unique nursery cloning operation that will allow it to supply rooted cuttings to licensed producers from coast-to-coast. With 100% of their resources and focus on growing, large-scale licensed producers will realize a marked increase in return per square foot.

Greenway is defining the nature of the evolving cannabis supply chain. With our cutting-edge nursery operation, we’re solving two major challenges facing large-scale growers – consistent access to healthy clones and generating the greatest return per square foot. By offloading the responsibility of cloning to Greenway, cannabis producers can exploit efficiencies that were unavailable otherwise.” says Greenway CEO Jamie D’Alimonte


With the granting of the licence from Health Canada, Greenway can begin actual, day-to-day cannabis cultivation.

“In receiving the greenlight for cloning and propagation, we are now in a position to generate a return on investment. This is an opportunity to shine a light on why our team and our approach is uniquely positioned to allow Greenway to become an industry leader,” says Greenway CFO Darren Peddle.

About Greenway

Greenway was formed by Carl Mastronardi and Jamie D’Alimonte, the founders of DelFrescoPure – a greenhouse produce company located in Kingsville (Ontario, Canada) that has grown and distributed produce to most major retailers in Canada and the United States for almost sixty years. Leveraging that rich history of low-cost greenhouse production based on significant commercial-scale cultivation expertise, Greenway’s mission is to become a leader in the Cannabis industry by producing the highest quality cannabis in the highest quantities at the lowest cost.

For more information, contact Fiona McLean, Director of Communications at news@greenway.ca or 519-981-1467.