July 24, 2020 Greenway Team


Somewhere in the suburbs of a Canadian metropolis is a Victorian-style home with a meticulously maintained garden. At the back of that garden, hanging on the side of a clapboard shed, is a hand-painted sign that reads “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant” – sage advice from the great Robert Louis Stevenson that would aptly apply to Licensed Cannabis Producers if it weren’t for a single word… “seeds”.

While seeds play an important role, the foundation of a robust, successful cannabis growing operation is actually access to quality cannabis clones. With Greenway’s unique approach to clone cultivation, harvests will always consist of the highest quality cannabis strains with resinous flowers, trichomes, and rich cannabinoid profiles.

So what are clones and why are they so important to the success of cannabis growers? Well, clones are cuttings from a prized mother plant that are each grown in a protective nursery environment until they are ready to survive and thrive in a greenhouse environment. A prized mother plant is the product of many rounds – or generations – of breeding conducted to strengthen its genes and to isolate its most positive traits. It can provide hundreds, if not thousands of cuttings that deliver exactly what is appreciated in the mother plant. As exact genetic copies, they carry over all of the mother’s traits, including size, taste, morphology, and productivity.

In Canada, licensed producers have the choice to either generate their own clones or have them provided by a licensed nursery. Many growers choose to maintain a singular focus on growing by leveraging their entire footprint to grow and leaving the complicated task of cloning to the professionals – a wise choice for those without the wherewithal to clone in-house. Fortunately for Greenway, professional cloning has been a capability of their team for decades. Their success in enterprise-scale tomato, pepper and cucumber cultivation is due, in large part, to an expertise in cloning – a unique skill set that places Greenway in a strategically advantageous position.

With Greenway having recently been granted their Nursery Licence, cannabis cloning has begun in earnest within an incredibly unique environment leveraging LivingCube technology (to learn more, click here). This ensures Greenway and other licensed growers will have consistent access to high quality clones in extremely large quantities.

At Greenway, each day is judged not only by the harvests reaped, but by the clones cultivated. Sure it’s not as elegant a turn of phrase as the original, but an accurate reflection of what sets Greenway apart.