June 3, 2020 Greenway Team



For Jamie D’Alimonte, Greenway CEO and commercial grower, operating at the cutting edge of cannabis cultivation means leveraging innovative, best-practices gleaned from decades of greenhouse growing.
Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in Greenway’s adoption of LivingCube vertical growing technology in their cannabis nursery. With propagation and cloning being the foundation for healthy, effective crops, exploiting the advantages of this fully-automated propagation system epitomizes Greenway’s commitment to innovation. “Providing the ideal environment for vulnerable rooted cuttings increases success rates exponentially. Our recent experience with the LivingCube system in our other ventures has proven that this is the future of cannabis nursery technology.” says D’Alimonte.

At first glance, the LivingCube looks no different than a series of simple, large shipping containers. But what’s inside these containers is far from basic. Imagine a fully-automated, vertical growing chamber, constantly in motion, completely climate-controlled with automated irrigation, nutrition and lighting. The system is absolutely at the cutting edge of growing technology. And by implementing this system – a system they’ve used successfully for other crops – the team at Greenway ensures plants in their nursery are propagated in the optimal, pest-free environment resulting in an abundance of healthy clones grown in record time. A result made more impressive by the fact that the clones are at their most vulnerable at this early stage. This type of reliability, free from contamination, is a necessity for success. The LivingCube system provides Greenway a consistent supply of clones, year round. And beyond reliability and consistency, there are several other advantages to the system.

● Reduces the physical footprint of traditional farming while maximizing production per cubic foot.

● Controls growing environments, eliminating variable light, water and temperature from growing outside.

● Significantly lowers the use of physical labour throughout production.

● Dramatically decreases the amount of fresh water needed.

● Eliminates the need for harmful pesticides and herbicides.

● Provides consistent and reliable crop yields, year round.

● Allows for a meaningful reduction in energy consumption.

The system is impressive in both its scale and capabilities. That said, Jamie D’Alimonte knows it’s only one of the many innovations Greenway is implementing to ensure they continue to take commercial-scale cannabis cultivation to a whole new level. “While implementing LivingCube technology in our nursery will be a game-changer for successful propagation. It’s only one of many techniques we’re introducing to ensure we become leaders in the cannabis industry”.