May 19, 2020 Greenway Team


There is one place, through its climate, history and infrastructure, that dispels the myth that cannabis can be grown at a commercial scale anywhere you can build a greenhouse. That place is Kingsville – a greenhouse grower’s mecca! And, understandably, it is home to Greenway. There are many advantages to growing in the area – Canada’s most southern tip – not the least of which is the surprising fact that Kingsville shares the same latitude as northern California and central-southern Italy; two locations commonly known for their outstanding vintner capabilities. If Italy and California are ‘wine country’ then Kingsville is greenhouse country! Though Kingsville’s population is a sip over 20,000, its greenhouse industry is the major force driving the community to grand success as North America’s leading growers under-glass. Kingsville provides a perfect balance for optimal growing. In the summer, light levels are strong and long. In the winter, frosts guarantee that any outdoor pests, diseases, and viruses die off, creating a literal ‘fresh’ start in the spring. As a matter of fact, it was these ideal conditions that attracted settlers to the region.

Recognizing the advantages for greenhouse growing in the area, farmers from Italy and around the world, keen on building a sustainable and successful industry, chose Kingsville as home-base over half a century ago. Generations of hard-working, savvy growers have created an infrastructure that is yet another key element in the industry’s success. Agriculture innovators, consumable suppliers, construction crews, and an outstanding labour force make up a supply chain of strength that ensures growing production is unparalleled.

There was a time when technical support for the greenhouse industry in Kingsville came from afar. Technology and the supporting team had to be brought in. Both time and money felt the inefficiencies. Today, Kingsville’s greenhouse industry enjoys the robust infrastructure it needs to be self-sufficient. This lends confidence in cost-effectiveness and trust in the industry that has been built to support the growing opportunity that cannabis cultivation presents.

“There’s so much local talent here, we’re like our own eco-world. All of our support industries are local,” says Jamie D’Alimonte, CEO and Co-Chair of Greenway Cannabis Corporation and CEO of Sunrite Greenhouses Ltd..

Not only does the supply-chain infrastructure prove Kingsville’s dominance, but the labour force is mighty impressive too! In North America, Kingsville is where it’s at for greenhouse growing. Agriculture graduates and those interested in working in the greenhouse industry flock to Kingsville. Though it is a competitive labour market, there is no doubt that Kingsville is at the top of its greenhouse-industry game, thus gathering the best-of-the-best when it comes to hard-working, knowledgeable, enthusiastic team members.

For Greenway, the advantages are clear as a day. Kingsville is the location of choice – a perfect balance of ideal climate surrounded by an abundance of industry-specific resources. Combine that with a team of cannabis growers sharing an abundance of experience in commercial-scale cultivation, and you have the winning formula.