November 27, 2019 Greenway Team


Greenway is happy to introduce a member of our Advisory Board, Steve Celetti.

In addition to community pharmacy practice, Mr. Celetti is part of multi-disciplinary teams at major teaching hospitals in the GTA and surrounding areas. In this role, Mr. Celetti works closely with doctors, nurses and patients on a daily basis, discussing pharmaceutical treatment options that include cannabis.

This position provides Mr. Celetti with valuable insight into the efficacy, prevalence and uses for medical cannabis. From refractory acute pain to the ramifications of cancer and its treatments, he is able to gain first-hand understanding of the conditions that patients are using cannabis to treat, and to research the impact that various types of cannabis strains can have on these conditions for improved quality of life.

The knowledge of the application of medical cannabis that Mr. Celetti possesses is an invaluable asset to the Greenway team. While it is Greenway’s intent to grow the highest quality cannabis products, the information provided by Mr. Celetti will help us determine the indications of specific medical strains, based on the most treated conditions, and the strains reported to deliver relief.

We’re thrilled to add Mr. Celetti’s perspective to our already broad knowledge base, and to utilize his expertise to ensure we’re growing the most effective strains for those seeking medical treatment.

While the addition of Mr. Celetti to the Greenway Advisory Board is practically beneficial, it is also emblematic of our efforts to create a team with unmatched collective expertise. Each member of the Greenway team adds a new voice to the conversation, strengthening our brand, our message and our commitment to quality.

Mr. Celetti is one of several Advisory Board members that Greenway has added this year. We’ll continue to introduce you to the others, and explain how each of them strengthens our team, and will contribute to our growth as a company.